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Featured recipe: Aussie lamb hash with poached eggs

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 lamb hash

Who says a stuffy dinner is the way to go for a romantic meal? Our vote’s with Chef Alex Espinoza of Napa Valley’s Peju Winery and his Aussie Lamb Hash with Poached Eggs for a romantic/dreamy brekkie. He had us at Lamb, but it’s also got exotic black garlic and gorgeous poached eggs for even more appeal. Especially with leftover slow-cooked lamb, be it shanks, shoulder or leg, this dish is as easy to make as it is sure to impress. Want to make it even easier? You can even roast the potatoes ahead, and just finish it all in a flash when the time is right. What’ll you do with all that time you saved? No worries mate, you and your better half’ll think of something.

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