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The Home Plate - Life and Lamb

They said it!

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chefs tour
A short while ago, a lucky group of talented chefs went on the trip of a lifetime to Australia to see firsthand how we raise cattle and sheep down under. From Tasmania to Queensland, they saw it all. This  link will take you to a video recap of the trip, and here are a couple of quotes from the chefs to get you fired up:

"It was stunning to see the farms [in Tasmania], the environment that the cattle are living in and living a very, very happy life. I would like to be one of those cows out there on the pasture!"
-Chef Aron Habiger

"What I didn’t expect, and what was my huge “aha” was the incredible life that these cows and sheep have in this beautiful land of Australia”
-Chef Pam Smith

Menu roundup

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Here’s a collection of Aussie Lamb dishes we spotted on social media that had our mouths watering. If you’re near one of these spots, stop in and get your Aussie lamb fix!

Menu Roundup - Silver fox steak Urban Grill and Wine Bar – Foothill Ranch, California 
“The Friday vibe @urbangrillandwinebar is all lamb! It’s the night we have Australian Rack of Lamb and Australian Lamb Chops. Come and get it while it lasts!”

Silver Fox Steak – Texas
“Try something new tonight like our Australian Rack of Lamb on a bed of red wine shallot sauce.”

Secreto Restaurant – Miami, Florida
“It's Saturday night, the best time to indulge in this succulent #dish: Australian Rack of Lamb cooked to perfection!”

Ziziki’s Restaurant – Dallas, Texas
“Freshly braised free range Australian Lamb Shank done the right way… slow and low. It's a deal at $28 with mashed potatoes and a healthy dose of grilled asparagus!”

Charles Street Dinner House – Mariposa, California
"As has been said before, 'This is what WE do!' Braised Australian Lamb shank with cauliflower puree, swiss chard, blackberry jus. Real food. Real good. Real people."

Green at the source: Meet an Australian grassfed cattle rancher

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Meet cattle rancher Sam Burton-Taylor. His farm, Kenny’s Creek, runs approximately 20,000 head of black Angus cattle on four properties in southern New South Wales and northern Queensland, Australia. He specializes in naturally raised beef that’s 100-percent grassfed with no added hormones or antibiotics—something he’s passionate about. “Grassfed is just better all around,” he says. “It’s better for the environment, better for the animals and better for consumers.”

sam burtonWhile Sam is a fourth-generation farmer, his passion for the farm came later in life. He previously had a successful corporate career in Sydney, but decided to swap it for life as a cattle rancher. In 2010, Sam and his wife, Nikki, bought the butcher shop where his grandfather once worked in rural New South Wales. He sold the shop last year, but what he learned from his customers was invaluable—and it’s led to him to sharpen the family’s focus on raising cattle as naturally and sustainably as possible.

Sam says, “People today want to know where their beef is coming from, that it was treated humanely and what it was raised on. While full traceability is the law of the land in Australia, and grass feeding is common practice, we weren’t drawing attention to it.”

“When we brought our story to the front of the store, it resonated with our customers,” he says. “I also believe people want beef to taste like beef, with a more full-flavored, natural beef taste. When you bite into a steak, you should know you’re eating meat.”