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The Home Plate - Life and Lamb

Anzac Day

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April 25th, or Anzac Day, is an Australian national holiday, commemorating military veterans. Originally celebrated to honor the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) fighting in the Battle of Gallipoli (in Turkey) during World War I, it today pays tribute to all of the country’s servicemen. As you’d imagine, there are plenty of heartfelt memorials and ceremonies. Then, in true Aussie fashion, fellow citizens gather round to raise frosty pints of Carlton Draught lager or Victoria Bitter and enjoy a smorgasbord of patriotic fare. Naturally, lamb is a part of the fun, with lamb pies and hearty roast lamb (Australia’s national dish) a plenty for Anzac Day lunches and dinners. As any Aussie can testify, saving room for dessert is a must.