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The Home Plate - Life and Lamb

A very Aussie Christmas

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While the northern hemisphere is covered in snow and cooler temperatures, Aussies are out and about in the sunshine during the holidays. From barbecues on the beach to a backyard game of cricket, Christmas is spent outside with family and friends.

 Christmas collage 

  • Australian families spend much of their time outside in December. Christmas activities include swimming,surfing and grilling outdoors on the barbie. It is summer Down Under after all! 
  • Families decorate with their homes and gardens with wreaths, Christmas trees and lights. 
  • Children in Australia get a six-week vacation for the holidays running from mid-December to February. 
  • Some families travel to the beach or to the country and enjoy a picnic for their holiday meal. 
  • On Boxing Day, December 26, people visit their friends for more outdoor grilling and other activities.


How to win the Holidays with Aussie lamb

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During the holidays, there are always extra stresses – in-laws in town, presents to buy, dinner parties, the elf on the shelf to move…it never stops. We asked some of our favorite chefs what they like to cook for company over the holidays with Aussie Lamb, and we thought you’d find it inspirational. Check it out, and let us know what you put on the table!

honey-cumin glazed rack of lamb“Rack of lamb is always a show-stopper for holiday entertaining. Your guests don’t know how quickly it comes together, so you look like a pro! I like to pair it with an interesting side like smashed cauliflower instead of ho-hum potatoes.” –Chef Adam Moore, The Aussie Lamb Chef

Honey-cumin glazed Australian rack of lamb

“My catering clients are always looking to impress, and lamb has an appeal of being special and a luxury. Lamb chops and shanks present really well, too – they look great on the plate, and come with a handle (she laughs). When you are working with a great product like Aussie lamb, you get a really clean, mild, natural flavor.”

Renee’s Lamb Shank Bourguignon

“In Australia, we have all these Asian influences from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and India, so curries are something we learn from an early age. The beauty of it is you get all that flavor from just one pot – get it going with your aromatics, spices and a bit of good lamb, then let it cook while you get on to something else.” –Chef Janine Booth, Root & Bone, NYC

Australian lamb curry with grilled eggplant and poached raisins

“One of the best things you can do with lamb is just grill or roast it simply with olive oil and herbs, then hit it with a bit of lemon and sea salt. Meat in general and Aussie lamb in particular is naturally sweet – so the classic contrast of sweet and sour works really well.” –Andy Husbands, Tremont 647 and The Smoke Shop, Boston

Andy’s Aussie lamb leg with lemon and fresh herbs


lamb and feta meatballs with tomato sauce

“Since lamb isn’t as common here in the US as back home in Australia, it helps to use it in something easy and approachable. Making meatballs with lamb and feta instantly makes the humble meatball special and impressive. And really, who doesn’t love a meatball?” - Chef Sam Jackson, KO Pies and Catering, Boston

Sam’s lamb and feta meatballs