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How Do I Know When My Australian Lamb is Cooked?

Australian Lamb can be served from rare to well-done, depending on your taste. (Note: consuming raw or undercooked meats may increase risk of foodborne illness.)

You can test for doneness by touch. Just press the lamb with your finger. When it has a springy but firm texture and is moderately juicy, the lamb is done. The firmer the feel of the meat, the more well-done it is. Most people prefer lamb medium-rare or medium, but lamb is also delicious when cooked well-done.

A meat thermometer, which can be purchased from most houseware stores, is the best way to determine the doneness of a roast. Insert the thermometer at the start of cooking, leaving it in throughout. When the estimated time is up, check the temperature.

Whichever way you prefer, here’s a handy guide to cooking Australian Lamb:


Refer to the lamb Handling and Storage section of this site to ensure you use the best quality product.

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