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About Meat & Livestock Australia

This website was developed by the North American regional office of Meat & Livestock Australia, Ltd. (MLA) to serve our partners in the United States, Canada and Mexico only. The North American office is located in Washington, DC.

If you are interested in red meat from Australia and are not located in the United States, Canada or Mexico, please visit our main company website at http://www.mla.com.au/Home.
For information about other Regional Offices visit http://www.mla.com.au/Marketing-red-meat/International-marketing.

Meat and Livestock Australia, Ltd. undertakes a range of information, research and development, and marketing programs designed specifically to support Australia's Red Meat industry.

MLA’s marketing program seeks to expand consumer awareness of the healthfulness and delicious flavor of Australian Red Meat.

MLA also endeavors to ensure that the consumer has an adequate and abundant supply of Australian Red Meat to choose from by working with importers, retail stores and foodservice establishments (restaurants and caterers).

Quality Assured

MLA’s information, research and development programs work behind the scenes to contribute to the establishment of standards and practices that ensure the highest level of food safety, healthfulness and quality. When customers purchase products from Australia, they are receiving products from one of the most stringently controlled meat industries in the world. The company also manages strategic planning for the cattle, sheep and goat industries.

MLA is funded through cattle, sheep and goat rancher levies; joint funding from the processing and live export sectors; and, in the research and development area, through Australian Government dollar-for-dollar matching funds.

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